ECN: Will Big Brother Technology Compromise Privacy?

ECN: Will Big Brother Technology Compromise Privacy? by Ashley Osbun:

One topic of debate as of late is the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement to locate and identify suspects. The software has been proficiently developed to tell one face from the next. This, in part, is technology we use to open our phones using only our faces. For law enforcement, this software gives them the means to scan crowds and weed out persons of interest. In fact, the software has already been put to use by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon when they used Amazon’s facial-recognition software to identify a suspect within a week.

Catching criminals is a positive outcome, but it raises questions about how far government offices will go with using the technology. The American Civil Liberties Union has repeatedly asked Amazon to halt selling the recognition software. The organization brings to light the idea that the software could be used to track people deemed suspicious, instead of strictly tracking people who commit crimes.

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