N.D.Tex.: 2254 habeas 4A IAC claim denied; state court applied right rules and finding not objectively unreasonable

Defendant’s federal habeas is denied on his claim of ineffective assistance of counsel as to his search. “The state court applied the proper legal standard and, deferring to the state court’s factual findings, including the court’s credibility determinations, the court’s application of that standard is not objectively unreasonable. Petitioner’s claims are largely conclusory, with no legal and/or evidentiary basis, involve state evidentiary rulings or other matters of state law, involve strategic and tactical decisions made by counsel, or would have required counsel to make frivolous motions or objections, all of which generally do not entitle a state petitioner to federal habeas relief. See, e.g., Strickland, 460 U.S. at 689 (holding strategic decisions by counsel are virtually unchallengeable and generally do not provide a basis for postconviction relief on the grounds of ineffective assistance of counsel); ….” Card v. Davis, 2019 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 13795 (N.D. Tex. Jan. 29, 2019).*

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