CA6&4: There clearly was PC for the SWs

“The affidavits supporting the searches of Sullivan’s apartment and vehicle overwhelmingly established probable cause to believe that Sullivan committed voyeurism, burglary, and possession of criminal tools.” “The search warrants for Sullivan’s vehicle, apartment, and computer were all sufficiently particular. The warrants for the vehicle and apartment authorized seizure of equipment that could store digital photos taken at the state park, like digital cameras, CDs, DVDs, SD cards, thumb drives, and portable hard drives. At the time of their issuance, Souders only knew that the suspect used a digital camera and did not have any information about where the photos taken by the suspect might be stored. Because Souders could not have been any more specific in his descriptions of the equipment and storage devices, the descriptions in the warrants were proper.” United States v. Sullivan, 2018 U.S. App. LEXIS 29939 (6th Cir. Oct. 24, 2018).*

There was probable cause in part from trash pulls, and the good faith exception applied. United States v. Morton, 2018 U.S. App. LEXIS 29970 (4th Cir. Oct. 24, 2018).*

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