CA5 sustains an inventory that certainly appears pretextual criminal search

“An inventory search of a vehicle is reasonable if it is conducted pursuant to standardized regulations and procedures. McKinnon, 681 F.3d at 209-10. Alvarez contends the officers did not follow CCPD’s standard procedures, which require officers to complete and submit an inventory form listing all items found in the impounded vehicle, including the trunk, because they failed to complete and retain the required form, failed to call a tow truck, and failed to inventory the contents of his trunk. But, evidence presented at the suppression hearing shows the officers acted consistent with CCPD policy in these circumstances.” United States v. Alvarez, 2018 U.S. App. LEXIS 27715 (5th Cir. Sep. 28, 2018) (Other courts would suppress an “inventory” with this description; if all this is permitted by the policy, then the policy is unconstitutional.)

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