E.D.Mo.: Of course the SW was signed, so def counsel wasn’t ineffective for not raising it

“Eason’s counsel was not ineffective for failing to allege that the search warrant was not signed by the affiant because the Court’s records clearly demonstrate that it was. Had that not been the case, the Court who carefully examined the certified, unredacted copy used an exhibit at the hearing would have surely noticed that omission. Since this contention is clearly not supported by the record, this allegation is dismissed without the necessity of an evidentiary hearing. (See Document 1 in cause 1:13 MJ 4076 LMB, the original signed affidavit)” Eason v. United States, 2018 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 164802 (E.D. Mo. Sep. 26, 2018). The court appears to be taking judicial notice of its own records to show that the search warrant was, in fact, signed.

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