GA: Hot pursuit of a traffic stop over jurisdictional lines not unlawful

Officer’s hot pursuit of a traffic offender into a different state jurisdiction didn’t void the stop. In addition, it was reasonable for the officer to time the stop for more level ground. State v. Charles, 2018 Ga. App. LEXIS 51 (Feb. 6, 2018).

Alaska State Police received information from a CI whose information satisfied Aguilar/Spinelli that defendant would be carrying drugs from New Mexico to a well known to police drug dealer in Cordova via Anchorage. A trooper went to the Anchorage airport to meet defendant and defendant’s incoming flight missed the Cordova flight, so he came back in the morning and figured out who defendant was based on the fact only four were booked on the Cordova flight. The information was detailed and from a source giving information against penal interest. Defendant also bolted for the bathroom in an attempt to flee. Lino v. State, 2018 Alas. App. LEXIS 35 (Feb. 7, 2018)* (memorandum).

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