Forbes: 13 Factors To Consider With Smart Home Products

Forbes: 13 Factors To Consider With Smart Home Products by Forbes Technology Council:

Some say this can thwart thieves from stealing packages, which has become an increasing problem. Others say the technology invades people’s privacy and may not be fail-safe. In order for companies to ensure these smart security technologies are safe, they need to take these fears into consideration.

Thirteen members of Forbes Technology Council share what tech companies need to keep in mind regarding home products like smart keys, video doorbells and security devices. Here is what they recommend:

1. The Value Of Privacy

Amazon put microphones in your home. Then it put cameras and it now wants the keys. That’s a lot of trust placed in a single corporation. The legal system is unable to catch up with the evolution of the technology. Will the Fourth Amendment hold if a tech company is subpoenaed for your keys or the video from your house? What is the responsibility of Amazon if a crime is committed? – Dimitri Stiliadis, Aporeto

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