OH2: Def was in his bedroom and refused consent saying it wasn’t his house, so homeowner’s consent covered his room

Police came to a disturbance call, and they talked to two people. Defendant was in a bedroom where he allegedly stayed and he was accused of pointing a gun at the owner. An officer asked him for consent and he said that he didn’t live there and couldn’t consent, although he said that his stuff was in the room. It was reasonable, then, for the officer to ask the homeowner for consent. State v. Bradley, 2017-Ohio-9224, 2017 Ohio App. LEXIS 5664 (2d Dist. Dec. 22, 2017).

Defendant was in a lock down residential facility for sex offender treatment when, as a part of therapy, he admitted to there being other child victims. He was not “in custody” for Miranda purposes at the time. State v. Stephens, 2017-Ohio-9230, 2017 Ohio App. LEXIS 5670 (2d Dist. Dec. 22, 2017).*

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