CA9: Car matching BOLO of bank robbery with two men had only woman driving; stop and continuation was with RS because they could be in trunk (and were)

A person outside a bank robbery believed that two male robbers got into a grey Ford Taurus to flee the scene. He called the police and followed. A little later, he saw that car had a woman driver, and he was unsure if the car was the one. He reported that to 911. About five miles from the robbery, an officer saw the car and stopped it. While he had the car stopped, he got the report about the witness being unsure the car was involved. He almost let the car go, but another officer suggested getting information about the driver. The witness’s report was reliable because it was based on contemporary observations, and he was a citizen informant. Because it was a bank robbery, the reasonable suspicion extended to whether the robbers could be hiding in the trunk. Yes, the officer was twice prepared to let the car go, but reasonable suspicion still hadn’t dissipated and the officer was diligently pursuing the investigation throughout. United States v. Mosley, 2017 U.S. App. LEXIS 26223 (8th Cir. Dec. 21, 2017).

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