ClubNorton: Is your child’s connected teddy bear too smart?

ClubNorton: Is your child’s connected teddy bear too smart?:

The man slipped into the darkened room quietly, treading carefully so as not to wake the person sleeping on the bed. He paused as the figure stirred, then placed the cleverly disguised device in an unobtrusive spot on a corner shelf. Opening an app on his smartphone, he ensured the sensors, microphone and camera were working, then quickly retreated to the door, closing it gently behind him. Mission accomplished.

No, this isn’t a scene from the latest spy film. It’s a scenario that could be playing out in smart homes across the country as more and more parents use baby monitors to keep an eye on their little ones. No longer glorified speakers, baby monitors have evolved into sophisticated smart devices that allow concerned parents to make sure their children are safe and secure.

Ironically, connected baby monitors and other high-tech Internet of Things (IoT) devices made with children in mind could put them in harm’s way. In July 2017, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a public service announcement warning that connected toys could present privacy concerns for children.

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