CO: Unconscious [and dead] drivers have consented to a blood draw

Unconscious drivers have consented to a blood draw by statute, and it’s constitutional. People v. Hyde, 2017 CO 24, 2017 Colo. LEXIS 282 (April 17, 2017); People v. Simpson, 2017 CO 25, 2017 Colo. LEXIS 283 (April 17, 2017); Fitzgerald v. People, 2017 CO 26, 2017 Colo. LEXIS 284 (April 17, 2017).

Statements from named theft victims on the totality gave probable cause to believe that defendant had stolen high grade wire worth over $200k at his home. As to a later consent search claim, the fact that none of that ended up in evidence is moot. Long v. State, 2017 Tex. App. LEXIS 3350 (Tex. App. – Houston (14th Dist.) April 18, 2017).*

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