LA4: In school handoff from suspected MJ dealer to another student was RS as to the latter

In a school, one student who was a suspected marijuana dealer handed something to another student. That was reasonable suspicion as to the recipient. “Here, Mr. Gaddies observed K.L. receive something from a student known to have issues with marijuana. Further, K.L. was evasive when asked to empty his pockets. Therefore, Mr. Gaddies’ search of K.L. was reasonable under all circumstances. Because we find that Mr. Gaddies’ search of K.L. was reasonable, the marijuana found pursuant to the search was legally seized and usable as evidence against K.L. during his delinquency proceeding.” State ex rel. K.L., 2017 La. App. LEXIS 608 (La.App. 4 Cir. April 10, 2017).

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