FL2: Def has standing in a package shipped to him under an assumed name

Defendant stated enough to get a hearing on his post-conviction claim that his defense counsel didn’t properly pursue a motion to suppress a package shipped to him under an assumed name, giving him standing in the package, on the ground the drug dog wasn’t shown to be reliable. Sanchez v. State, 2017 Fla. App. LEXIS 1685 (Fla. 2d DCA Feb. 10, 2017).

Defendant was pulled over for driving 66 in the passing land on I-80 and cars were passing him on the right. The officer had an objectively reasonable justification to stop him for impeding traffic. Thereafter, defendant consented to a search of the car. State v. McCrickert, 24 Neb. App. 496, 2017 Neb. App. LEXIS 30 (Feb. 7, 2017).*

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