VA: Military base parking pass on rear view mirror justified traffic stop

An “opaque plastic parking pass for a nearby military facility, approximately 3″ by 5″ in size, suspended from the rear-view mirror mounting” was sufficiently obstructive of the driver’s view to justify a traffic stop. Mason v. Commonwealth, 2016 Va. LEXIS 59 (May 5, 2016).

A citizen informant tipped off an off-duty police officer in his car that a tanker truck would be carrying a bulk load of marijuana, and the officer took the man who showed him the truck parked on a church parking lot. The informant was dropped off and the truck was followed when it pulled out. The taillights couldn’t be seen, so the truck was stopped. The officer asked what was in the tank, and the driver said it was waste water. The officer tapped the tank with his flashlight and it was hollow. The pipes were dry. The officer asked for consent, got it, and opened the hatch and saw the wrapping, not water. The continuation of the stop was with reasonable suspicion. United States v. Castro, 2016 U.S. App. LEXIS 7765 (5th Cir. April 29, 2016).*

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