WI: Drinking and driving until unconsciousness obviates def’s chance to withdraw implied consent

“We conclude that Mitchell voluntarily consented to a blood draw by his conduct of driving on Wisconsin’s roads and drinking to a point evidencing probable cause of intoxication. Further, through drinking to the point of unconsciousness, Mitchell forfeited all opportunity, including the statutory opportunity under Wis. Stat. § 343.305(4), to withdraw his consent previously given; and therefore, § 343.305(3)(b) applied, which under the totality of circumstances herein presented reasonably permitted drawing Mitchell’s blood. Accordingly, we affirm Mitchell’s convictions.” State v. Mitchell, 2018 WI 84, 2018 Wisc. LEXIS 310 (July 3, 2018).

Having been read the implied consent forms for suspected DWI, defendant consented to a blood draw, and this was valid. State v. Lemeunier-Fitzgerald, 2018 ME 85, 2018 Me. LEXIS 91 (July 3, 2018).*

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