PA: Victim was robbed of his iPhone and police tracked it to def by “Find My iPhone” app

The victim here was robbed of his iPhone and backpack, and it happened under a streetlight so he got a good look at the perpetrators. The victim told the officer his cell phone number, and the officer tracked it with the “Find My iPhone” app. There was reasonable suspicion for the stop besides the cell phone ping which was but one factor under the totality. Commonwealth v. Milburn, 2018 PA Super 178 (June 22, 2018). [In today’s local paper here, a robber took a cell phone three miles before discarding it. It was tailed the same way.]

“The State argues Stopper had reasonable suspicion to detain Schooler based on: (1) the air freshener odor; (2) the multiple cell phones; (3) Schooler’s vague, evasive, and inconsistent statements about his travel plans and criminal history; and (4) his actual criminal history.” The court agrees there was reasonable suspicion, and the appellate court is reversed. State v. Schooler, 2018 Kan. LEXIS 346 (June 22, 2018).*

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