MO: Def’s overly nervous behavior, feigning sleep, hiding something, and admission he had a weapon was certainly RS

“The evidence supported a reasonable and particularized suspicion that Defendant was armed, based upon the following behavior exhibited by Defendant: (1) feigning to be asleep; (2) numerous false statements to police; (3) overly nervous demeanor and sweating; (4) flight-like behavior; (5) initial refusal to reveal his waist area; (6) his suspicious fidgeting underneath his towel, which caused both officers to believe at that point Defendant possessed a weapon; and (7) when Officer Cook asked Defendant if he had ‘a knife or a gun or anything like that,’ Defendant nodded affirmatively. All of this behavior would cause a reasonably prudent person to suspect that Defendant was armed and dangerous.” State v. Allen, 2018 Mo. App. LEXIS 426 (Apr. 30, 2018).

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