The Hill: Manafort challenges evidence seized by Mueller (with link to motion and warrant affidavit)

The Hill: Manafort challenges evidence seized by Mueller by Jacqueline Thomsen (link to motion, affidavit, and warrant):

Former Trump campaign head Paul Manafort filed a motion late Friday to suppress evidence special counsel Robert Mueller’s team found in a storage locker in Virginia.

Manafort is claiming that Mueller unlawfully had access to the business records in the unit because a former Manafort employer listed on the lease allowed entry. According to Manafort, the employee didn’t have the authority to allow a FBI agent into the unit.

The motion challenges consent give to a look in the storage unit by a person who, in my attempting to read through the redactions, was the person on the lease and had a key. Manafort is described as a mere “authorized user” of the storage unit. The entry to look was thus by someone with actual authority to consent. But it was a look: no records were looked at all though the marking on the boxes were recorded and they include box marked “Ukraine binders.” The motion goes on to raise the argument this was an invalid “all records” warrant. The latter argument has more legs than the former because they “seized virtually everything from the premises.”

Now we have to wait to see what the government contends in response.

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