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OH8: A pill bottle search wasn’t plain view during execution of SW for firearms

The police had a search warrant for firearms, and, during execution of the warrant, the officers looked in a pill bottle. The state’s plain view argument is unavailing because it wasn’t immediately apparent to the officers. “We further find little … Continue reading

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D.Mass.: Overseizure by retention of unresponsive emails seized under SW doesn’t require suppression of all

Defendant contends that the overseizure and retention of emails obtained by warrant that aren’t relevant to the crime under investigation requires suppression of even that which was validly obtained. No court has gone that far. His creative attempt to extend … Continue reading

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OH8: Affidavit for SW showed PC for weapons only; search for drugs exceeded SW’s limits

The affidavit only showed probable cause to search for weapons, not drugs, and there was no probable cause for drugs in the affidavit. As to drugs, the search warrant is suppressed. Defendant also raised the argument that the officer sought … Continue reading

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Army Ct.Crim.App.: Search authorization for cell phone text messages did not permit looking at pictures

The search authorization here was for text messages on a servicemember’s cell phone. The searchers, however, looked for pictures, too. The military good faith exception, Mil. R. Evid. 311(c)(3), specifically addresses the scenario when officers rely on a subsequently invalidated … Continue reading

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S.D.N.Y.: The email SW here was limited by time and crime and that made it reasonable and not a general warrant

It is too easy for an email warrant to be a general warrant because there has to be an articulation of what the government is looking for. Moreover, all the emails may be seized so they can be searched looking … Continue reading

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D.Ore.: Gov’t's mishandling of overseizure in Facebook SW didn’t prejudice defs so no suppression

The Facebook warrant was not overbroad, and it was consistent and less intrusive than a Facebook warrant previously approved by the Ninth Circuit in Flores. That which was nonresponsive to the warrant was previously ordered segregated and sealed, and the … Continue reading

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CA2: Computer SW was sufficiently particular; broad doesn’t mean necessarily unreasonable

In the Silk Road “drug kingpin” conviction, whether the third party doctrine succumbs to technology is going to have to come from SCOTUS since the doctrine came from it. The search warrant for defendant’s computer was sufficiently particular. Broad for … Continue reading

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S.D.N.Y.: Overseizure during SW wasn’t so bad this was a general search

In a forfeiture case of a building worth about $1B, the good faith exception applies to a prior search where there was an overseizure. This overseizure wasn’t enough to make the search a general search. In re 650 Fifth Ave. … Continue reading

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E.D.Ky.: An “unreasonable” overseizure as to quantity and not place might be suppressible; hard case to understand

Overseizure under a valid warrant is hard to prove. This case makes it seem like at least an “unreasonable” overseizure, whatever that is, might still be a general search, but it doesn’t directly say so. This case is not good … Continue reading

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S.D.N.Y.: Failure to follow a document search protocol in otherwise reasonably conducted computer and device searches wasn’t unreasonable under 4A

The court conducts a second hearing over whether blanket suppression is required for over searching numerous electronic devices seized from the defendant, some of which were later turned over by defense counsel. Defendant sought to bring his case within “United … Continue reading

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D.Colo.: Def couldn’t claim blanket suppression where hundreds of items were seized but he challenged only three

Restating the Tenth Circuit’s rule permitting blanket suppression for serious overseizure contrary to the warrant, the court finds that this one doesn’t measure up. The inventory went on for 50 pages, but defendant only challenged three items of artwork that … Continue reading

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NYLJ: The Huma Abedin Emails: Herein Lies the Danger of Overseizure

NYLJ: The Huma Abedin Emails: Herein Lies the Danger of Overseizure by Maranda Fritz:

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