MO: No REP in a dilapidated broken down trailer on rural property without any secure walls, roof, or floor

Defendant worked for a tree service that had a rural place where they burned tree debris. There was a broken down trailer on the property that had missing walls, partially missing roof and a rotting floor where defendant changed clothes. The trailer had water once, but not in a while. Defendant was accused of having a meth lab inside, and the police came upon it, and people fled. “We are not persuaded of a societal expectation of privacy in a partially collapsed, uninhabited, and dilapidated trailer which is not used as a residence or for legitimate commercial purposes and is also wholly unsecured and left open to the public and the elements. This finding is even stronger when, as here, the party claiming the privacy interest does not have a personal proprietary, residential, or occupational interest in the building.” State v. Stufflebean, 2018 Mo. App. LEXIS 258 (Mar. 13, 2018).

The officers had reasonable suspicion on the totality for detaining defendant long enough to get a drug dog there. United States v. Thompson, 2018 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 39906 (E.D. La. Mar. 12, 2018),*

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