Just Security: “Dehumanized” at the Border, Travelers Push Back

Just Security: “Dehumanized” at the Border, Travelers Push Back by Carrie DeCell:

Border agents searched the electronic devices of 30,200 travelers last year, up more than 11,000 from the previous year. In complaints newly obtained by the Knight First Amendment Institute, many of those travelers pushed back. The complaints-submitted to the hopefully named “Compliments and Complaints Branch” of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)-mirror traveler-redress complaints obtained last year by the Knight Institute and published in December by the New York Times. The new set of complaints underscores the intrusiveness of electronic device searches and the discrimination and harassment travelers often suffer in connection with those searches. They also document travelers’ insistence that these searches, conducted without cause, violated their rights-to which CBP effectively responded: You have no rights at the border.

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