MA: Nexus shown between murder and def’s computer having relevant evidence on it

The state showed nexus to defendant’s laptop and the victim’s murder. Defendant had forged documents on a computer before, and it was reasonable to conclude that similar events happened here by defendant’s hand. Defendant was well experienced in using computers because he had a web design business. The particularity requirement is also satisfied. “Nor does the absence of search protocols mean the warrant lacked particularity for purposes of the Fourth Amendment and art. 14. This court has specifically declined to require search protocols in the past. McDermott, 448 Mass. at 776 (‘Advance approval for the particular methods to be used in the forensic examination of the computers and disks is not necessary’).” And this search warrant was issued eleven years ago. Finally, the warrant was executed reasonably. Commonwealth v. Keown, 2017 Mass. LEXIS 769 (Oct. 23, 2017).

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