WGRZ: Cuomo orders state review of ‘textalyzer’

WGRZ: Cuomo orders state review of ‘textalyzer’ by Jeff Prevail:

BUFFALO, NY – It’s a device that has got a lot of you talking on social media — it’s called the Textalyzer. The device allows police in event of a car crash, to scan your phone to see if you were on your phone at the time of the crash.

Gov. Cuomo has announced that he wants a traffic safety review to look at the Textalyzer and its impacts, if police were allowed to use it in New York State.

It seems that people are really split over the textalyzer of whether it’s a good idea or not. Some think that it can improve safety and keep drivers honest. Some have concerns about whether it will give accurate information to police.

. . .

“My concern immediately would be against illegal searches and seizures. Under the Fourth Amendment, there is no warrant requirement provided under this textalyzer and I just don’t think it’s a good thing to have police going through a person’s phone without the idea of a judge signing off,” said criminal defense attorney Mike Taheri.

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