OH3: That def’s car probably was involved in a shooting was PC for an automobile exception search

Officers had probable cause to look in defendant’s car under the automobile exception: “We conclude that law enforcement had probable cause to believe that the silver Honda Civic contained contraband. Kern was shot at from a silver Honda Civic and Kern recognized the Honda Civic as belonging to the Parsons family. There is a tumultuous history between Kern and Parsons. Although Kern could not see who was driving the silver Honda Civic at the time of the shooting, Kern saw Parsons driving the Honda Civic shortly before the shooting incident. Johnson saw the silver Honda Civic parked in the Parsons’s driveway with its doors open. Parsons exhibited suspicious behavior when law enforcement arrived at his residence—that is, as Bodenbender pulled into Parsons’s driveway, he observed Parsons throw something while running from behind a large pine tree toward Bodenebender’s vehicle.” State v. Parsons, 2017-Ohio-1315, 2017 Ohio App. LEXIS 1338 (3d Dist. April 10, 2017).*

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