W.D.Mo.: Dispute over inventory didn’t need to be resolved because automobile exception applied in any event

Defendant was stopped for no front license plate, and that led to a finding that his DL was revoked and the vehicle unlicensed. During his arrest, it was determined that there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The officer noticed a joint in defendant’s boot, and he acknowledged that it was. On the keychain the officer saw a pill container and opened it finding methamphetamine. Defendant was arrested for all that. The officers at the scene couldn’t agree whether the inventory policy was written or oral, but inventory didn’t matter because the automobile exception applies. United States v. Price, 2016 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 184693 (W.D. Mo. Dec. 12, 2016).

Defendant’s claim of, inter alia, false testimony at his trial about everything including consent to search (affirmed in 2010) didn’t state a ground for coram nobis relief. Clemmons v. State, 2017 Ark. 75, 2017 Ark. LEXIS 58 (March 2, 2017).*

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