CO: Residents of a “residential community corrections facility” are in DOC custody and subject to prison searches

“Triplett was an offender residing in the Mesa County residential community corrections facility.” He was taking a shower, and an officer of the facility was walking around for a cleanliness inspection. He touched defendant’s sock and felt a vial that turned out to contain drugs. This was a legal correctional search. “The community corrections facility where Triplett lived was referred to as a ‘detention facility.’ As an offender in a residential program, Triplett could request passes to leave the facility for work and other authorized activities, but if he left without a pass or failed to return before the pass expired, he was subject to escape charges; Triplett could not lawfully leave the facility whenever he chose. On the day of the search and interrogations, Triplett did not have a pass and was not free to lawfully leave the facility.” People v. Triplett, 2016 COA 87, 2016 Colo. App. LEXIS 771 (June 2, 2016).

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