IN: Blanket probation search condition was valid

Defendant was told he had a blanket search condition as a condition of probation. Prior case law in Indiana has held that reasonable suspicion isn’t required, and this court can’t and won’t change it. Hodges v. State, 2016 Ind. App. LEXIS 156 (May 18, 2016).*

This was reasonable suspicion for a stop: “ Smith observed Keith driving his car very slowly in an area known for prostitution and drug activity. Smith was there because of community complaints. Keith pulled into the vacant lot that no one ever pulls into. A woman approached Keith’s car, entered, and he rolled something in white paper. Based on Smith’s experience and training, he was able to infer that Keith’s actions were suspicious.” State v. Keith, 2016-Ohio-3056, 2016 Ohio App. LEXIS 1901 (8th Dist. May 19, 2016).*

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