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SC: No specific facts showed PC that drugs would be found at def’s house; CoA reversed

“More to the point, the assertions in the affidavit in this case contain no specific facts showing any connection between drug-related activity and 120 River Street after February 2009. See Tench, 353 S.C. at 534, 579 S.E.2d at 316; Kinloch, … Continue reading

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CAAF: Military search authorization for laptop based on PC for cell phone was without PC or GFE

Defendant was accused of using his cell phone to take naked pictures of other soldiers in the shower and latrine. Defendant’s cell phone was on his rack with his laptop. The search authorization included defendant’s laptop, but there was no … Continue reading

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Today is the 14th anniversary of this blog and the 256th of the argument in Paxton’s case, the Writs of Assistance case

See prior posts starting here: February 24, 1761, Old State House in Boston, second floor. The argument here. About 20,000 posts, which is 3.9 per day. I can’t give the real number because this is the third platform, and some … Continue reading

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CA5 joins CA3: Florence strip search rule on jail intake applies to juveniles

The plaintiff’s daughter, a juvenile, was in a fight at school and was taken to juvenile detention. She was strip searched and subjected to a body cavity search yet was released fairly quickly. Partial summary judgment was granted the county … Continue reading

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