Daily Kos: Your car is spying on you

Daily Kos: Your car is spying on you by Dartagnan:

The ability of modern home appliances such as “smart” refrigerators and “Ring” doorbells to collect and store data about those who own them isn’t particularly shocking; it seems that any device that uses an internet connection in its functional operations may be implicated in the seemingly endless quest by private corporations to obtain and sell your personal information.

But some folks may not realize that while you’re blissfully snoring away the evening, that new car you adore that you’ve parked in your driveway has spent all night ruminating about your behavior and activities, carefully selecting and sifting through tidbits of your personal data and sending it back to its corporate creator.

A comprehensive data privacy assessment of 25 major automakers’ vehicle tech deems cars “the official worst category of products for privacy” that the Mozilla Foundation has ever reviewed. For a bit of context here, every car company analyzed by Mozilla’s security experts failed crucial benchmark safeguards, compared to 63 percent of mental health apps they reviewed this year (which often come with their own serious security risks).

“While we worried that our doorbells and watches that connect to the internet might be spying on us, car brands quietly entered the data business by turning their vehicles into powerful data-gobbling machines,” Mozilla’s researchers explained in their findings announcement earlier this week. Because of this, they warn, vehicles’ “brag-worthy bells and whistles” now possess “an unmatched power to watch, listen, and collect information about what you do and where you go in your car.”

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