Orchids of Asia Day Spa unlawfully made videos ordered destroyed

Reason: Cops Must Destroy Illegal Surveillance Videos From Spa Visited by Robert Kraft by Elizabeth Nolan Brown (“Authorities ‘shall destroy the videos unlawfully obtained through the surveillance of the Orchids of Asia Day Spa,’ a federal judge says.”)

Techdirt: Federal Court Orders Destruction Of Illegally-Obtained Sex Trafficking Sting Recordings by Tim Cushing (“The expiring breaths of a sensationalistic failure are emanating from a Florida sex trafficking investigation’s soon-to-be corpse. A massive sting operation — built on surreptitious recordings of massage parlor employees and their customers — ended with nothing more than a bunch of solicitation charges. The alleged massive sex trafficking operation was actually just a bunch of consensual activity, with massage parlor employees free to come and go as they pleased.”)

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