CA11: Ptf gets discovery on QI before SJ can be granted

“We hold that the district court abused its discretion by denying the Plaintiff any opportunity to conduct discovery in this case before being made to respond to McFarlane’s motion for summary judgment” on qualified immunity. Defendants are not entitled to qualified immunity just on their own facts. Estate of Todashev v. United States, 2020 U.S. App. LEXIS 19231 (11th Cir. June 19, 2020).*

Plaintiff’s Bivens suit over the search and seizure in his case, already litigated in his criminal case where it was affirmed, was barred by the two-year statute of limitations. Aigbekaen v. Rosenstein, 2020 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 105424 (S.D. Tex. June 13, 2020).*

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