OH6: Deliberate stall of traffic stop for drug dog was unreasonable

There was no reasonable suspicion to continue the stop in this case. The officer called for backup and a dog, and the first officer there told him to stall for the dog. Nothing was done for eight minutes to pursue the basis of the traffic stop. State v. Werder, 2020-Ohio-2865, 2020 Ohio App. LEXIS 1835 (6th Dist. May 8, 2020).

All the state had to show was reasonable suspicion for a traffic stop, which the dashcam supports. The trial court erred in requiring probable cause. The fact the officer might have been reasonably mistaken to the exact details doesn’t make it less with reasonable suspicion. State v. Burns, 2020-Ohio-2848, 2020 Ohio App. LEXIS 1814 (2d Dist. May 8, 2020).

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