CA7: Circumstances justified inference def’s car was getaway car in a robbery, and that was PC

There was probable cause that a getaway car was involved in a robbery. “Here, in contrast, the Mercedes’s conduct cannot be confused with innocent behavior. While it is true that police did not know the occupants of the Mercedes were involved in the robbery, the circumstances were such that an officer could reasonably infer their participation. Specifically, the Mercedes committed three separate suspicious acts. First, it sat in the parking lot in front of the store for an unnatural period of time prior to the robbery. Second, it drove to the back of the store just before the robber entered the store’s rear door. And third, after the robbery, as the robber ran past the Mercedes, it ‘zoomed [away] at a high rate of speed.’ [¶] Standing alone, any one of those facts may not give rise to probable cause. But together, they provide ample support for the officers’ belief that the Mercedes was likely involved in the robbery as a look-out or decoy.” United States v. Howard, 2018 U.S. App. LEXIS 4607 (7th Cir. Feb. 26, 2018).*

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