CA6: Moving to withdraw plea after three months because “there were technical issues with his arrest warrant” is denied; not a ground for relief

Defendant moved to withdraw his plea three months later because “there were technical issues with his arrest warrant.” “Further, Miller never asserted his innocence, which also weighs against granting the motion. He argued only that he should be permitted to withdraw his plea because there were technical issues with his arrest warrant. And, most importantly, the circumstances underlying Miller’s plea do not suggest that his plea was involuntary.” United States v. Miller, 2017 U.S. App. LEXIS 24359 (6th Cir. Nov. 30, 2017). [What “technical issues” with an arrest warrant are enough to overcome the arrest and then a guilty plea? I can’t think of any. “An illegal arrest, without more, has never been viewed as a bar to subsequent prosecution, nor as a defense to a valid conviction. Gerstein v. Pugh, 420 U.S. 103, 119 (1975); Frisbie v. Collins, 342 U.S. 519, 522 (1952); Ker v. Illinois, 119 U.S. 436, 444 (1886).” United States v. Crews, 445 U.S. 463, 474 (1980).]

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