E.D.Va.: Amazon gets TRO and PI in civil RICO case based on same allegations for SW a contractor was seeking kickbacks

The FBI conducted a raid of an Amazon contractor in Northern Virginia for kickbacks. Amazon sought a TRO and preliminary injunction against the defendants seeking to prevent spoliation of evidence after the target told alleged confederates of the raid by email. Its claim was based on the same information as the search warrant application. Granted. Amazon, Inc. v. WDC Holdings, Inc., 2020 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 134555 (E.D. Va. July 29, 2020)*:

Plaintiffs seek to prevent spoliation of evidence and dissipation of assets that are compromised by Defendants’ conduct following the April 2, 2020 FBI “raid” at the home of Brian Watson. Starting with an email from Watson on the day of the raid that allegedly misstated Defendants’ conduct and tipped off all defendants to the investigation, Amazon alleges efforts to spoliate evidence and manipulate corporate ownership structures to the detriment of Amazon. Plaintiffs fear Defendants will continue to tip off accomplices, disrupt business relationships, and dissipate Amazon’s assets. In addition to these concerns, Amazon seeks to preserve its business relationships with vendors and business partners to maintain connections and goodwill.

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