MI drone over curtilage case update

In the Michigan drone over the curtilage case (posted here), Long Lake Twp. v. Maxon, the parties are directed to brief application of the exclusionary rule to zoning disputes:

We DIRECT the parties to file supplemental briefs within 28 days after the date of this order addressing whether the exclusionary rule applies to this zoning dispute, such that the Court of Appeals properly remanded for an order suppressing all photographs taken of defendants’ property. See Pennsylvania Bd of Probation & Parole v Scott, 524 US 357, 364 (1998) (declining to extend the operation of the exclusionary rule beyond the criminal trial context).

Long Lake Twp. v. Maxon, 2022 Mich. LEXIS 581 (Apr. 1, 2022).* That, however, is not the point. Apparently one justice wants that fleshed out, maybe even to distinguish it

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