Supreme Court Refuses to Reconsider Qualified Immunity Supreme Court Refuses to Reconsider Qualified Immunity:

The Supreme Court on Monday denied all of the major cert petitions raising the question of whether qualified immunity should be reconsidered. Qualified immunity is a judicial doctrine that shields state officials, including law enforcement, from liability when they violate people’s constitutional rights. For the last several years, Cato has been leading the campaign to abolish qualified immunity. “It is now all the more urgent that Congress move forward on this issue,” says Cato scholar Jay Schweikert, “and ensure that all public officials—especially members of law enforcement—are held accountable for their misconduct.”

End Qualified Immunity” Cato Project

The Supreme Court’s Dereliction of Duty on Qualified Immunity,” by Jay Schweikert

George Floyd’s Death Must Be a Catalyst for Accountability,” by Clark Neily

A Quarter Century of Cato Research on Police Accountability,” by Walter Olson

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