OH6: Traffic stop led to finding outstanding warrants and led to valid search of car, without even trying to tell us how

Defendant was lawfully stopped for a lane violation. Running his DL led to finding outstanding warrants. “Having ascertained appellant’s identity and outstanding felony warrants, a lawful search led to the discovery of appellant’s unlawful drugs and firearm.” [What was the lawful search? Automobile exception doesn’t apply; search incident doesn’t apply; inventory maybe, but that’s never mentioned. Seldom does quality appellate work come from Ohio. Except Terry back in 1966. That’s just my view as a neutral observer.] State v. Parker, 2018-Ohio-3302, 2018 Ohio App. LEXIS 3556 (6th Dist. Aug. 17, 2018).* [While I’m at it, their state appellate opinions are often too long and wordy. But it takes more work to be clear and concise. Apparently the state AOC sends nobody to judicial writing classes. Or legal writing classes.]

The state’s appeal of what amounts to a suppression order is dismissed for an untimely notice of appeal. State v. Sharpfish, 2018 SD 63, 2018 S.D. LEXIS 102 (Aug. 18, 2018).*

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