KY: Misstatements of law not subject to Franks challenge

A misstatement of law is not subject to a Franks challenge. Search warrant affidavits are usually drafted in a hurry by nonlawyers, and it’s up to the issuing magistrate to decide whether there is a substantial basis for believing a crime occurred. Couch v. Commonwealth, 2024 Ky. LEXIS 59 (Feb. 15, 2024).

Plaintiff’s complaint against his potential employer for, inter alia, a Fourth Amendment violation for requiring Covid vaccinations believing it was gene therapy doesn’t state a claim against a private employer. Koepke v. ITC Serv. Grp., 2024 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 26785 (W.D. Tex. Feb. 15, 2024).*

The call for the drug dog here did not extend the stop. Then the officer found out that the LPN was fictitious. That lawfully extended the stop. State v. Jennings, 2024-Ohio-602 (2d Dist. Feb. 16, 2024).*

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