N.D.Cal.: Writ of seizure under the Copyright Act has to comply with the 4A

A writ of seizure under the Copyright Act has to comply with the particularity requirement of the Fourth Amendment. CNC Software, Ltd. Liab. Co. v. Glob. Eng’g Ltd. Liab. Co., 2024 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 18919 (N.D. Cal. Feb. 2, 2024):

To comply with the requirements of the Fourth Amendment, a writ of seizure should specify with particularity the premises to be searched and the articles to be seized. Religious Tech. Ctr. v. Netcom On-Line Commc’n Servs., Inc., 923 F. Supp. 1231, 1263 (N.D. Cal. 1995). The scope of the search must thus be limited by “the object of the search and the places in which there has been a showing that the object is likely to be found.” Id. (citing Maryland v. Garrison, 480 U.S. 79, 84, 107 S.Ct. 1013, 1016, 94 L.Ed.2d 72 (1987)). Further, the order should “enable the executing officer to ascertain and identify with reasonable certainty those items that the [court] has authorized him to seize.” Id. (citing Time Warner Entertainment Co. v. Does, 876 F.Supp. 407, 413 (E.D.N.Y.1994) (citing United States v. George, 975 F.2d 72, 75 (2d Cir.1992))).

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