MS: No REP against CI recording you in your own house during drug deal

911 was called about a man passed out in his pickup truck in his driveway at the street.
There was no reasonable expectation of privacy against letting in a wired CI under Hoffa. Douglas v. State, 2024 Miss. LEXIS 24 (Jan. 18, 2024).*

The existence of probable cause in this affidavit for warrant was close and included the officers could smell this grow operation from the sidewalk. “ taken as a whole, the statements in the affidavit provided a substantial basis for the magistrate’s determination that probable cause existed for the issuance of a warrant. But even if they did not, the good faith exception to the exclusionary rule precluded suppression of the evidence seized at the Monique Avenue house.” State v. Lopez, 2024 Fla. App. LEXIS 441 (Fla. 2d DCA Jan. 19, 2024).*

Paramedics and police arrived to a call about a man passed out in his pickup in gear. Defendant’s foot on the brake. Paramedics opened the door to put the truck in gear to attend to him. Drugs were in plain view for the police. State v. Adams, 2024-Ohio-174 (2d Dist. Jan. 19, 2024).*

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