NACDL: 4 articles on electronic searches

Clare Harvie, What Defense Counsel Should Know About Facial Recognition Technology, 47 Champion 16 (No. 3, May 2023)

Jennifer S. Granick, Marking Warrants Great Again: Avoiding General Searches in the Execution of Warrants for Electronic Data, 47 Champion 28 (No. 3, May 2023)

Nathan Freed Kessler & Mas Rehrman, Challenging the Warrantless Bulk Surveillance of Money Transfer Records, 47 Champion 34 (No. 3, May 2023)

Laura Morall, Resisting the Good Faith Exception in Cases Involving Novel Types of Surveillance, 47 Champion 58 (No. 3, May 2023)

These are in NACDL’s The Champion for May 2023, which is not yet online. It will be in a few weeks.

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