D.Me.: CI adequately shown credible enough for PC

There’s no sufficient basis for a hearing on the credibility of the CI because it’s adequately shown he’s credible enough. Moreover, he also doesn’t get a hearing just to cross the CI. United States v. Botello, 2023 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 33686 (D. Me. Mar. 1, 2023)*:

Here, there is nothing in the record that supports Botello’s assertion that a hearing is warranted to test the credibility or reliability of the CI. Although the CI did not have a prior history of serving as an informant, the interview took place face-to-face; the CI offered self-incriminating statements about his own involvement in drug trafficking; he provided reasonably specific and detailed accounts of his history with the Runner; and the CI accurately predicted the time of arrival of the Runner in a vehicle with Massachusetts plates. Botello also has not offered a conflicting version of events that undermine the veracity of the CI’s statements about the Runner’s involvement in criminal activity.

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