DE: State failed in burden of proof on basis for stop

The state put on nothing at the suppression hearing to show that the stop was justified. Suppressed. State v. Skinner, 2023 Del. Super. LEXIS 96 (Feb. 10, 2023):*

Additionally, this Court notes Mr. Skinner’s presentation did not help his position. With Mr. Skinner’s repeated refusal to allow the hearing to go forward after an explanation was provided to Mr. Skinner, the Court had to ask the State to present its witnesses over Mr. Skinner’s loud interruptions. Mr. Skinner’s presentation and decorum before the Court was inappropriate and almost caused his hearing to be terminated in the State’s favor.

The determination of this case was based on the lack of record before this Court.

Based on a totality of circumstances, the Motion to Suppress is GRANTED.

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