DE: State habeas not for 4A claims

A state habeas petition is not how one presents a Fourth Amendment claim. Chrisden v. State, 2023 Del. LEXIS 17 (Jan. 13, 2023).

Defendant’s traffic stop was factually justified. The smell of marijuana and his admissions gave probable cause to search. State v. Brown, 2023 Del. Super. LEXIS 18 (Jan. 11, 2023).*

How defendant paid for access to a child pornography site isn’t material. “As a practical matter, it is not necessary to individually rebut Glowacki’s allegations of missing information since we judge the adequacy of the affidavit based on ‘what it does contain, not on what it lacks, or on what a critic might say should have been added.’ United States v. Allen, 211 F.3d 970, 975 (6th Cir. 2000) (en banc).” United States v. Glowacki, 2023 U.S. App. LEXIS 871 (6th Cir. Jan. 13, 2023).*

Tasing the fleeing plaintiff was objectively reasonable here. Bernabe v. Rosenbaum, 2023 U.S. App. LEXIS 889 (5th Cir. Jan. 13, 2023).*

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