PR: SW may be for more than one place on a proper showing, except this one clearly lacked PC

The search warrant here was for three separate locations which is not per se unreasonable. However, the probable cause showing was lacking because it was based on mere suspicion that a firearm was in one of three possible places. The showing was invalid on its face. El Pueblo de P.R. v. Corchado, 2022 TSPR 114, 2022 PR Sup. Lexis 119 (P.R. Sep. 16, 2022):

We clarify that we are not ruling that a search warrant cannot contain more than one location if, in fact, probable cause arises for each location that the State seeks to search under constitutional and statutory parameters. Naturally, a court may issue all search and seizure warrants that may proceed in a case, as long as the requirements listed here are strictly complied with. However, in this case it is clear that there was only the mere suspicion (or the possibility) that the black pistol was in one of the three places and this caused the erroneous issuance of the contested orders. This is so, especially when seven days elapsed from the time the agent observed the petitioner with the black pistol until the date on which he requested the search warrants for the three places from the court.

Leon is not even cited. Thanks Google translate;

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