GA: Product of state search warrant could be analyzed by federal officers

The fact a search warrant was directed to all peace officers of the State of Georgia didn’t preclude the state from turning the evidence over to the Secret Service for forensic analysis. Oliver v. State, 2022 Ga. App. LEXIS 344 (June 29, 2022).

An iced-over rear window was obstructed and thus supported a traffic stop. State v. Jacobsen, 2022 Iowa App. LEXIS 488 (June 29, 2022).*

Crediting that swerving occurred, that was reasonable suspicion for a stop. State v. Wuol, 2022 Iowa App. LEXIS 502 (June 29, 2022).*

Driving a utility vehicle on public ice was subject to stop for OWI even though it was not a road. State v. Bakke, 2022 Iowa App. LEXIS 485 (June 29, 2022).*

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