CA11: Def’s innocent explanation for his behavior still left PC

Defendant’s innocent explanation for his behavior still left probable cause. United States v. Clark, 2022 U.S. App. LEXIS 11504 (11th Cir. Apr. 28, 2022).

Defendant was arrested two weeks after a string of robberies, and his cell phone was taken from him. A search warrant was issued for the phone to link him to the robberies. The good faith exception applied in any event. Abney v. United States, 2022 D.C. App. LEXIS 131 (Apr. 28, 2022).*

Defense counsel’s failure to file a motion to suppress was not ineffectiveness because it didn’t have any effect on the outcome. State v. Antio, 2022-Ohio-1398, 2022 Ohio App. LEXIS 1293 (8th Dist. Apr. 28, 2022).*

The dashcam video shows that defendant was not following too close, so the stop was unjustified. State v. Hampton, 2022-Ohio-1380, 2022 Ohio App. LEXIS 1274 (1st Dist. Apr. 27, 2022).*

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