DC: A backpack left in a house and to be retrieved wasn’t abandoned

Defendant did not abandon his backpack that he left in the house he had a connection to. He intended to come back and get it. His reasonable expectation of privacy was objectively reasonable. United States v. Pope, 2024 D.C. App. LEXIS 147 (Apr. 18, 2024).

Defendant’s plea agreement precludes his challenging the search in a 2255. United States v. Ahmed, 2024 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 70554 (E.D. Cal. Apr. 17, 2024).*

Defendant’s stop and pat down were reasonable. He matched the description of a serial robber known to be armed and willing to use his firearm impetuously. Consent to the pocket search, however, is remanded for more fact finding. Brown v. United States, 2024 D.C. App. LEXIS 149 (Apr. 18, 2024).*

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