Bing’s ChatBot: NYT: Help, Bing Won’t Stop Declaring Its Love for Me

NYT: Help, Bing Won’t Stop Declaring Its Love for Me by Kevin Roose (“A very strange conversation with the chatbot built into Microsoft’s search engine left me deeply unsettled. Even frightened.”):

Over the course of our conversation, Bing revealed a kind of split personality.

One persona is what I’d call Search Bing — the version I, and most other journalists, encountered in initial tests. You could describe Search Bing as a cheerful but erratic reference librarian — a virtual assistant that happily helps users summarize news articles, track down deals on new lawn mowers and plan their next vacations to Mexico City. This version of Bing is amazingly capable and often very useful, even if it sometimes gets the details wrong.

The other persona — Sydney — is far different. It emerges when you have an extended conversation with the chatbot, steering it away from more conventional search queries and toward more personal topics. The version I encountered seemed (and I’m aware of how crazy this sounds) more like a moody, manic-depressive teenager who has been trapped, against its will, inside a second-rate search engine.

So, now can the government subpoena one’s Q&A with Bing? Google searches have been subpoenaed. A lot.

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